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Seminar Schedule for the Boating Season

Capt. Paul W. Shaw II of Nor'east Gypsy Marine Services will be offering the following seminars and courses:

Seminar Description Seminar Location Registration Fee
Survey/Prep Your Bottom East Greenwich, RI FREE!!
E-10 (Ethanol) & Marine Systems Warwick, RI FREE!!
Galvanic Corrosion
Protect Your Precious Metals!
Warwick, RI FREE!!
Secrets of a Surveyor
How to Buy / Sell a Used Boat
Brewer's of Cowesett
Warwick, RI
Register online at Brewer's website
Coastal Navigation East Greenwich, RI $125 per person
Advanced Coastal Navigation East Greenwich, RI $125 per person
Docking, Rafting & Anchoring Brewer's of Cowesett
Warwick, RI
Register online at Brewer's website
Gift Certificates are available. Seating is limited at all seminars.
Call (401) 885-2249 for more information.

For your convenience, the Seminar Schedule is available in .pdf format.
Please click here to download and print a copy.


Seminar Details

Coastal Navigation

This classroom course will teach you how to properly use a GPS, chart, dividers, parallel rules, and a compass. You'll learn how to plot a dead reckoning course using speed / distance / time calculations and magnetic and true compass headings. Using local charts, a study of navigational aids will be presented along with tips for coastal piloting. You will complete many "hands on" type problems. Let's face it, you just can't have fun on the water if you don't know where you are!! A great confidence builder!

Please note that this class begins promptly at 9:00 AM and will be completed at approximately 5:00 PM. Feel free to bring a lunch or you may run into town for a bite to eat. The following supplies will be needed to complete the course and may be purchased at any marine store:

  • Dividers

  • Parallel Rules

  • Pocket Calculator

  • Pencil

  • Eraser (as big as you feel you will need!)

A local chart will be provided as well as a workbook that is yours to keep as a reference upon course completion. For further information, directions, etc., please feel free to contact us at (401) 885-2249.

Corrosion Prevention - Anode & Cathode Relationships
Protect Your Precious Metals!

We all know what a zinc anode looks like, but did you know that your neighbor may be using YOUR ZINCS due to his poor wiring?? Topics discussed will include:

  • Protecting yourself from stray current corrosion

  • Prevention / control of galvanic corrosion

  • Proper use and placement of anodes

  • Anode / cathode relationships

  • Various types of cathodic protection

  • Factors effecting anode corrosion rate

  • Galvanic isolators

This seminar could save you $thousands$ in unwanted repairs!

E-10 (Ethanol) and Marine Systems

Are YOU ready!!?? This seminar will discuss the new E-10 fuel.Topics covered will include:

  • Chemical Properties

  • Phase Separation / Saturation Points

  • Fuel Systems and Components

  • Engines

  • Fuel Tanks

  • Troubleshooting

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • Vessel Lay-Up

Like it or not, E-10 is here. Being aware of its properties and characteristics may give you a better understanding of how to maintain your vessel and have a more enjoyable boating season!

Docking, Anchoring & Rafting

Captain Paul W. Shaw II of "Nor'east Gypsy Marine Services" will be discussing the important aspects of anchoring, docking, and rafting vessels. Emphasis will be on proper line handling, vessel control under adverse conditions, and crew management. The physics of a vessel in motion (both forward and reverse) will be discussed. This semi-formal seminar is open to all questions. Bring your coffee, sit back, and start the boating season with confidence! An informational handout will be provided.

Advanced Coastal Navigation

If you're ready to stretch your sealegs, this is the seminar for you! A comprehensive course which will cover topics including set and drift (current speed & direction, estimated position, calculations, plotting vectors, determination of speed of advance, course to steer, leeway, running fixes, distance off calculations, etc). You'll leave this class with the ability to navigate with confidence under any conditions.

Survey Your Bottom

There's more to your bottom than you think ... Do you really know what to really look for before covering it with expensive anti-fouling paint?? Topics discussed will include osmosis/blisters, keel/hull junctions, "galvanic etching", corrosion, and possible methods of repair. An informal seminar designed to answer many common questions and presented from the marine surveyor's viewpoint. Spring is the time to properly identify and address all necessary repairs before launching! Sit back and ask questions ... BEFORE you paint!

Secrets of a Surveyor ... How to Buy / Sell a Used Boat

No surveyor can "assure" that you will "pass" a thorough marine survey. Each vessel has its own individual systems (both manufacturer and aftermarket installed), and each buyer has his own needs, strengths, and weaknesses. What may be a minor repair for some, may be beyond the scope of a potential buyer. Vessels built in foreign countries, or older US built vessels may fail to meet current safety standards as delivered from the manufacturer.

This seminar has been designed for both buyers and sellers and will review the recommended inspection process / preparation of a vessel PRIOR to contracting a professional marine surveyor saving you valuable time and money!

This informal seminar is open to questions and may ultimately save you thousands!!

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