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Navigational Seminars ...

Let's face it - you can't have any fun if you don't know where you are!

Coastal Navigation

There's more to boating than packing a lunch and "Red Right Return". A good skipper should be capable and comfortable plotting a course, using their compass, and reading their charts BEFORE leaving the dock. This a full day course, broken into the following blocks of instruction:

  • Charts and Aids to Navigation

  • Advanced Compass

  • Coastal Piloting

Every sailor dreams of sailing the islands! This course will teach you how to properly use a chart, dividers, parallel rules, plot a DR course using speed/distance/time calculations, as well as true, magnetic and compass headings. An excellent course for any boater, young or old. Don't cut your season short by running aground!!

Ready to "stretch your sealegs"???

This course is for the serious navigator, or the boater who just wants to know it all. Topics covered will include:

  • set and drift (current velocity & direction)

  • tidal data

  • estimated position calculations

  • plotting vectors

  • determining speed of advance

  • determining course to steer

  • leeway

  • running fixes

  • distance off calculations

  • and more!

Advanced Navigation

Note: Individuals completing these courses will be issued a certificate that may be good for up to a 10% discount on your boating insurance. Group rates are available for all classes.
See Coming Events & Seminars for future seminar dates and times.

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